Why don't little icons/illustrations show up in off-line help?

LibO 4.2…8.2

When I open the off-line Help, the little icons/illustrations do not show up; instead the following is to be seen:

image description

Is this a bug or am I missing a package?

Thanks for your help in advance.

I’ve been experiencing the same problem through several LO versions.
Of course, I’ve tried every sugestion posted here, but still no results.
I check every LO upgrade version expecting to find this problem solved… Still waiting…

There are some known problems. One problem is in fdo#81091, workaround is in comment 18. Besides that there are/were some icons really missing. You will find those bugs in Bugzilla.

@Regina - Thanks for your reply. However in my case the workaround did not work. I added a comment to the bug report., Seems I have to live with this bug.

So you mean, when you uncheck “Block any links from documents not among the trusted locations” you still see not any icons?