Why font keeps changing back to calibri randomly?

I’ve had this issue ever since using Libre Office and it’s just now starting to really annoy me as I’m using it much more regularly for typing work documents.

I have everything set to courier new 10 and type away for ages with no problems but then suddenly, the font just changes to calibri 10.5 for no apparent reason. It’s usually when I press enter to go to a new line or ctrl B to make it bold etc. It doesn’t do it every time though, just occasionally and randomly. It’s a real pain as there appears to be no logic to what it’s doing, because it should change the font back every time I press ctrl B or enter or whatever, yet it’s only occasional and seemingly random.

Is this some function of certain settings or is it a fault in Libre Office? I’ve never encountered this before with any other word processor?

What is the file format that you use?

Impossible to determine for certain without a sample document, but I guess the most likely cause is that you have some content (or probably the document itself) originating from Microsoft Word. The default setting for the “Normal” paragraph style in Word is Calibri 10.5.

Solution: Edit the base paragraph style (Normal, Default, Standard, or some similar name depending on locale). Set the desired base font there.

Thank you for the help! I’ve just found the settings and changed the default font. Hopefully this will end the issue.

@ausdyer: in addition, learn how to use styles. Styles provide a much more reliable way of formatting than manual action.