Why getting error on UPDATE command in BASE?

I am new to HSQL and BASE. I am trying to update a column in my table with the following commands using the Direct SQL mode.

I receive the following error " Unexpected token: “ in statement [UPDATE ]"

Here is my code:
UPDATE “HookDescriptor"
SET “HookDescriptor".“DescrTest” = “Temp”
WHERE “HookDescriptor”.“Use_ID” > 2

DescrTest type is Text, Use_ID type is Integer

What am I missing?


You can only run SELECT statements in the Query section for HSQLDB. Run other statements in menu selection Tools->SQL.

Also, quick look - “Temp” s/b ‘Temp’


Check your quote marks:


should be:


multiple instances. Please verify all.

Thank you Ratslinger! I missed the quote mark difference. That was the trick. I was doing this in menu selection Tools->SQL.

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