Why getting the 'Entry Point Not Found' error?

When I am trying to open any of the LibreOffice apps, I am getting the error that says:

soffice.bin - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point initRegistry_Api could not be located in the dynamic link library reg.dll.

After which, LibreOffice stops working.

I’ve got Windows 7 SP1, JRE 7u40 and LibreOffice 4.1.

What might cause this problem and prevent LibreOffice from running properly?

EDIT: Bugzilla Link: “fdo#70043

Refer my answer here.

EDIT: I can’t find a currently open related bug to your issue. There are a few developers that hang out here, but to get their attention you are best advised to raise a bug. Please include as much technical detail as possible and post a link back here to any bug you raise using the format “fdo#123456”. Thanks.

I’ve got Windows 7 SP1.

I’ve checked Windows Update and it says that all updates are installed.

Then something is distinctly wrong on your system because XP should be updated to SP3. I would guess that this is likely the cause of the problem. Start by downloading SP2 and SP3 and manually applying them in order to get your operating system fully updated. I can’t locate a reg.dll file here under either my LO v4.0 install or in Win7 so it may be an XP file.

Not XP - 7.

And if reg.dll is an XP file, then why LibreOffice has it as a requirement? Isn’t it supposed to be cross-platform? :\

Gah! Sorry, my mistake. I don’t know where I got XP from!? That is all the more strange though, as I could only find a reg3.dll on my entire Win7 system here. I only searched the drive from linux though as I don’t boot into Windows very often.


I wish the devs could look into the question and shed some light on it… Am I really the only one having this problem? :\

Reported a bug here: “fdo#70043

Hoping the issue is solvable.

fdo#70043 · Status: RESOLVED INVALID