Why hasn't the awful PNG rendering been fixed (for 3 years!)?

PNGs inserted into LibreOffice documents (of any kind) look terrible, even unreadable in many cases. If the document is exported to another format, e.g. PDF, the images look great.

I’ve never encountered software that does such a poor job of rendering images – it looks worse than amateurish. There was a time when this problem didn’t exist, but it changed several years ago. The bug is listed here:

It’s acknowledged to be a serious issue in the report. I can’t convince anyone to work with LibreOffice once they’ve seen this issue. I’m on the verge of giving up myself – how can such a terrible bug be left open for so long?

Bug reports are off-topic for this site.

That exclusion is for the reporting of bugs. I’m not reporting a bug. I referenced one because the answer to this question is invariably, “I never see that – you must be doing it wrong”. It also reflects my observation that this has been an eyesore for a very long time.

My question is about the reason for such awful presentation to be tolerated. I’d like to be able to wave the flag for LibreOffice, but I get shot down by obvious flaw like this. Is LibreOffice not intended for professional use?

I use LibreOffice professionally and am happy with it for the most part. Do you want me to say that I am sorry you are not happy? “How can such a terrible bug be left open for so long?” If that is really your question, then the answer is obvious. The reason is that no one has been able to fix it yet! Plenty of details about what might be causing the problem are given in the bug report.

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