Why is Base creating empty files in the backup directory?

I was going through my backup disk and found many (30,000+) empty files in the Libre office config backup directory. There were for version 3. I deleted them from the V3 directory. I just found the same situation in version 4. There are 25,967 empty files ending with .odb in the v4 backup directory. Between midnight and 10:10 AM today, 8,600 files were created. All were empty. I had the database open but there was no activity on it (I was sleeping during most of the time). It is an embedded data base using HSQL. I don’t know how to check which version. I expect the basic level as I have not tried to update it. Why is Base creating these? Do I have any control over how often a backup is created? Why are they empty? All odb files created there are empty. Is a backup of my database being created automatically? If so, where is it being put? If not, can I turn on the autobackup facility?

I’ve just discovered the same thing here. Was doing a virus scan and it’s been working for at least an hour on those files. Version 3 here.

They are empty because backup of database (ODB) files doesn’t work. A stub file is created, but data not inserted, this is currently missing functionality. There is at present no way to selectively turn off autobackup / autosave for one given file type.