Why is Calc 4.3 corrupting my Excel spreadsheets? v2

This is a repeat, because the first time I was not allowed to upload a file.

I recently upgraded to 4.3 and used a spreadsheet like I always have for the past decade. Only now Calc is mangling the structure. When I finally figured out what was going one, I had lost days of work. I can’t upload the original but here is a simplified example.

and after

In Lo 4.2 and Excel, changing the rank sort, preserves the structure of the spreadsheet. Doing it in LO 4.3 scrambles everything. In larger spreadsheets the consequences are much more severe.

What action did you actually apply to the range B1:C5 of ‘RankBefore.xls’ (or B2:C5 labels excluded)? The sheet in ‘RankAfter.xls’ Has exactly the same content in this range. Why did you label the row with =B2+B4 of the sheet in ‘RankBefore.xls’ as ‘Total Hours Top’? …

I just want to be sure about the details. No doubt there is a bug1

Please file a bug report on http://bugs.freedesktop.org and describe what you do exactly (like you did here). Thanks!