Why is Calc adding values in cells after I move around?

Hello for the past few days I have notice that when ever I add any sort of values in a cell and then when I move to another cell in a different part when i go back I have notice that it has duplicated in other areas which is wiping out previous data. I have included a image to show you what I mean. Duplacated cells. I can varify that I have not copy&paste the data into the other cells. Any help would be helpful.

I am running LibreOffice on Linux Mint 17.

I cannot make a test in the same environment as you and cannot create the same phenomen on an XP machine. I would reset my user profile because this helps often in case of “strange” behavior. For details please refer to: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile

Shugo974, may I ask, what hardware are you using and does that hardware have a “touchpad”?