why is design cut off?

Sometimes after creating art in Draw, a greeting card for example, when I’m ready to print it the artwork is randomly cut off in the print preview. If I print it anyway, the print comes out cut off the way the preview looks. It’s as if there is a white square covering the portion that’s cut off. But there is no white square on the document anywhere and the artwork is the way it’s supposed to be on screen in the document itself.

What causes this?

Please compare these two imaginary questions:

  1. Here is a drawing file with some artwork. Open it, and look at print preview of page 1 visible in the dialog when you use File->Print. You see that lower right corner is white, as if it’s covered by some object; it’s invisible in the document itself. Here are screenshots of what I see on my system. I use LO version X.Y.Z on OS … What may be causing this?
  2. I have some documents that show me something I don’t understand. What may be causing this?

Try to guess which question has better chances to be understood, reproduced and usefully answered? And guess to which category your question belongs? :wink:

#1. I would have attached screenshots of the artwork in the draw doc and the print preview, I didn’t know I could. I’m new at this.
#2. In answer to your 1st question, #1.
#3. Don’t have an answer, I’m new at this.
34. In the time it took to write your “imaginary” response you could have been a better person and “usefully” answered my queries.
#4. Do you actually know what causes this?

Heh, if I knew I would usefully answer your question. But your question didn’t provide the necessary information - and I explained that in my comment. It was meant to hint you what is missing (e.g., to me) to answer better. So - no, in the absence of useful information, I couldn’t “have been a better person and “usefully” answered your queries” no matter how hard I tried.

If you edit your question, you may use the tools there (paperclip and image icons) to attach images/files; or you may post there a link to files that you put somewhere like in google drive.

@marilynne7 Upload your file here or on another file hoster. So one can check the problems.


4. Do you actually know what causes this?

Lack of information, see @Mike2’s answers.

Check your page size in the printer settings, I have a feeling it doesn’t match the document size