Why is Draw missing in Xubuntu 16.04?

All that distro has for an image editor is Imagemagick which is pretty basic, and difficult to find (right click in file manager on a photo) and use (click the photo to open the toolbox)
I’m just thinking there is some reason for it, and/or not including an image editor of any sort! (Yes I know that’s not your problem.)
I tried opening a photo with LO 5 in that distro and it opened a 1,300 page “document” in Hindi. Default behavior as installed. I did find you could “add” an image in Writer, but not just plain open one. How disappointing.

It’s probly hard to discern, but making any sorta pic editor is so much work you’d need an existing editor’s devs to port it to LO, which alone is quite alot of work, so there’s absolutely no way someone would even consider trying making a pic editor into LO from start. Even Linux has “pic editors” like Micro$oft Paint, which are purely useless, and even that much of code is a lot.

LibreOffice doesn’t include a raster image editor on any platform. Draw isn’t one; rather, it’s a vector editor. I suppose that Draw is installed on your system, just you expect it to be able to open JPEGs/PNGs (which it cannot). It can insert those formats (just like Writer), but possibly Gimp would be better match to your needs.

I use Gimp and also have Inkscape loaded. Each is better or worse for some things. Gimp is big and a little hard to use, but I think worth the effort to step up to. It is very capable. Inkscape is fun, and sort of like the old mac-paint.

I’m sure Photo$hop is much harder. If someone of my level can learn GIMP (which wasn’t much of a problem in itself, my understanding of graphics is), anyone can.