Why is Google Drive not supported in LibreOffice

The list of supported services for remote file save & open does not include Google Drive in on Linux.


Please see answers & comment in this post → Libre office remote files with google authenticator code (six digital pin)

It’s broken.

Understood, but now the option of specifying Google Drive is gone, too. Prior releases didn’t work, but now we can’t even try. Does this mean devs have given up on Google Drive access from LibreOffice?

Have seen in recent releases (from TDF). Currently using Ubuntu 18.04 with LO v6.3.1.2 and it is listed.

Perhaps not in your version. May be a distro version you have?

@wrquayle - You have the option to connect Google Drive via operating system (my 5ct: the only way to do such network storage related stuff, why the hell (sorry) an application should care about storage devices)


That is correct (and agree with 5ct) and is noted in one of the answers in the link provided.

I can connect my Google Drive from Linux? I’ll have to research that, but last time I checked, there was no way to do that.