Why is Heading 2's font size in pt whereas the sibling Heading 1 style uses a percentage?

So I set “heading” to Times New Roman, 12 pt regular. I set “heading 1” and “heading 2” to be linked to “heading”. Now editing “heading 1” gives me font sizes in percent linked to the 12 pt of “heading”. But “heading 2” still shows font sizes in pt.


Libre Office Writer

Is this really an “issue”? Could you make the question more precise?

How more precise do you need it? “heading 2” should have font sizes in percent too as it is also linked to “heading” but it is not working as this. And this makes me wonder why. Why is “heading 1” in percent and “heading 2” in pt? I actually think it might even be a bug.

I meant: could you replace “LO … heading formatting issue” (as that is not a question) with something like “Why is Heading 2’s font size in pt whereas the sibling Heading 1 style uses a percentage?”

Oh okay, I changed it.

Thanks! (Imagine asking someone a question like “I have an issue” - the other person would probably ask “what is the matter?”. I like to skip that :))

The default template for Writer in LibreOffice (I use it on Windows 7) has the Heading paragraph style defined with font size in pt. Both Heading 1 and Heading 2 (along with Heading 3 through Heading 10) are linked to the Heading paragraph style and both have a font size defined in percentage relative to Heading.

If you say you (manually) linked Heading 1/2 to Heading, it suggests they were not linked before. Linking does not automatically make styles inherit style elements like font size from their linked counterparts when an explicit value was already set (this is by design; it could mess up existing formatting).

So in this case, you should manually (re)define the font size of Heading 2 to be a percentage by entering the percentage value in the style properties - it will then use the linked style’s font size as the base size.

Actually I used the default which meant “linked with heading”. Still it used pt not %.
But I added a percentage and then it showed all the percentages.
So thanks got it working now.