Why is it so difficult to get help with libre office

I hate common computer jargon and have never found anywhere that explained any of it in any sensible manner and besides, it seems to change almost daily and besides, I couldn’t possibly keep track of any of it so I’d have to go to any such source to look up every jargon-word or jargon-phrase any time I ran into it so it’s just easier to pay no attention at all to folks who cannot speak real English to explain themselves.

Fun. A person who doesn’t realize that any natural language changes with evolving world. A person who refuses to learn new ways of expressing new ideas, just masking that by ignoring “folks who cannot speak real English to explain themselves”, without even trying to think that “computer” was once a computer jargon word. A person trying to diminish other people who might not be able to “speak real English” because they are not native English-speaking.

For starters, open LibreOffice, hit F1. What do you see?


don't be so condescending

Please don’t take offense. At nearly 74, you will perhaps recognize that I, being nearly 80, am sometimes too blunt, to put it bluntly. Please read my comment again. I did not mean it to be condescending.

Start by downloading and reading the various User Guides. They are written in “plain English” and include definitions for specialised terms.

Note: old age is not an excuse for illiteracy in computer lore. Computer pioneers are long dead and those who really spread computer usage are now in their 90s. Micro PCs were released in the middle '80s.

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