Why is LibreOffice CALC having problem with text delimited files

have text delimited file (pipe symbol = |) however when I click on file and open with LibreOffice Calc,
then I have text import box, click other and show pipe symbol, and click OK (nothing else checked),
Instead of getting multiple rows, the first 8 or 9 lines are all in a single row, then remainder of file is
fine. It is better than 5.3 which could not handle any of the pipe symbol delimited text. Any ideas on what is

Are you sure such rows a correctly formatted?, maybe not the right Character Set selected.

I do a little bit with CSV files from my flip phone. I just imported one and I had to make sure that only the comma delimiter was selected. Did you make sure that only the pipe symbol was selected?

Also, some CSV files have headings or other special information in the first few rows,so they might require slightly different handling than the rest of the file. This is why @mariosv’s suggestion is the first thing to check.

Since a normal CSV file is plain, line-delimited text, It should be easy to examine using a text editor (not a word processor - something like notepad in Windows or kate in Linux).

Attach a sample data file with 10 lines (if 8 or 9 lines are in a single row) then maybe we could tell what’s wrong.

Calc has an issue with certain characters and I’m trying to track down what it is. I have a log that parses the first 108 lines then it ignores the delimiter in the rest of the file and puts it all in one cell.

Likely because the data is malformed and has a quoted field that isn’t closed.