Why is LibreOffice Writer No Longer Following/Focusing on my Cursor?

I’ve encountered a bizarre, and rather annoying occurrence that did not-at-all happen last Motherboard, LibreOffice Version or the entire time I had a version of Writer installed on my previous PC, but which has happened twice in two versions of the same document.

Specifically, for no apparent reason at all, the document will stop tracking my cursor outright, making me need to manually scroll down when it transitions to a new page, or when holding the down key to go to one. Thus far, the only fix I’ve found is to make a new document, but it looks as though doing that only temporarily stops it.

I am now on version 3 of the same project, but would rather like to not have to do this multiple times per month/event log, so I thus ask, since I’ve found no other mention of it:

Is this a bug (with Writer, Windows 11, or my already malfunctional in other areas without identifiable cause PC), something I accidentally hotkeyed, or a third option I’m not thinking of?

If any of the non-PC-based things above, is any Developer of the software aware of said bug?

Thanks in advance for any replies that may be given!

Note that you use the very initial release of the 7.6 branch, the one definitely targeting early adopters / enthusiasts. It is expected to contain more-than-normal amount of bugs, and everyone using it helps us a lot, by reporting these bugs, allowing us to fix them and improve it. For users who require more stability, 7.5 is a better choice.

Note also, that two bugfix releases in that branch already appeared - 7.6.1 and 7.6.2.

It happens to me in 7.5. MacOS Ventura 13.4
Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: f718d63693263970429a68f568db6046aaa9df01
CPU threads: 12; OS: Mac OS X 13.4; UI render: default; VCL: osx
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

If I see strange behaviour my first advise is closing documents and reboot. (Real reboot, not closing a lid of a laptop.)
For LibreOffice the second step would be to reset your user-profile (after saving a copy), wich may cure strange things…
Your reaction to create a new document, seems to imply this “setting” is remembered for the old document (after reboot ?). Then you could share an affected version here or test yourself on another computer, if this behaviour shows also on another computer (= problem in the file) or not (problem in profile or elsewhere).

Some may read here, but the recommend way to report bugs is Bugzilla:

Link found in the manual, how to use ask:

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Maybe something to do with Windows 11 cursor freeze