Why is LOoo 7.0, creating automatically Styles after conditional formatting an text?

I am formatting Calc spreadsheets, for cosmetic purpouses and I have created new Styles so I could achieve what I wanted. After closing the archive and reopening the next day, new Styles with the name "Conditional Style 1, …2, …3, etc, are created substituing the Styles I made.

Any ideas what is happening?

I forgot to mention that, I used those Style in an coditional formatting. I tried at this moment to revet to my created styles and delete those ConditionalStyle_("number) and it did not want to delete them.

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Sorry for that, I’m new and didn’t know how to append text to a question. Will not happen again.

You are saving as Excel .xlsx OOXML file format. The conditional styles there are not saved by name but an index so ConditionalStyle_… names are created while importing. (not sure if the missing name mapping is actually a bug or a limitation of the file format, would need further investigation).

Save in the LibreOffice native .ods ODF file format and the style names are preserved as expected.

Thank you very much for your kindly answer.
Yes, I am working on an excel file (for my wife) in LO. That’s a bummer, really odd. I changed all Styles back to what I used and deleted all but two of those awful Styles (ConditionalStyle 1 and 8). Those two did not gave me, on the context menu, the option to “delete” this style. This explains everything. One more reason not to use MOffice.
Once more thank you very much.