Why is my custom date-time format not remembered in Writer?

I am try add automatic date-time field. “Ctrl+F2->About document->time->additional(custom)” Sorry, but I use non-English version and don’t remember how it’s should be correctly, but finally I got next window:


I type my code format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS), ISO format basically. Give it name, click green V, click OK, but nothing in result - I can’t get my custom date-time format.

P.S. Not clear why it’s not in the list from the begging, it’s World Wide International Format, but lot of funny format that can’t even be recognized like number of hours from some grandma’s birthday ([HH]:MM:SS.00).

Hi @VitaliyAT,

Are you still having trouble adding this custom Date format? Have you tried the latest release?

On Windows 7 using LibreOffice, I was able to add the ISO format “JJJJ-MM-DD UU:MM:SS” (Dutch locale) as a Date format, but not as a Time format. Adding other formats as time formats did not work either - I am pretty sure this is a bug and propose you use this as a workaround.