Why is my first page in writer out of view?

It is difficult to describe the problem but the first page of every document in writer is offset and often out of view. Here is a screen capture that shows what I mean. .

I just typed the word “Test” and then a bunch of Enters and then “test” again after a bunch of Enters. You see the margin guide is set for the second page where the cursor is … and then it seems the third page is set underneath the first page.

Any idea what is going on here?

Ken Berggren

Your Writer is set in “Book View”: two pages side-by-side, even numbered pages on left and odd numbered pages on right.

First, display the bottom status bar with View>Status Bar.

In the right most part of the status bar, there is the zoom ratio slider and left of it, a collection of 3 smell icons:


You just need to click on one of these small icons, from left to right: single page, multiple page, book view (parity constrained).

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Thank you guys! That was exactly what I needed.


you have selected Book View (red arrow) - Select Single Page View (green arrow)

Hope that helps.

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