Why is my Libre Office in German?

I have a installer I got back in the UK and it’s an English version, now in Germany I installed it on another Win7 laptop (which is btw in English) and everything from the installation process it self it’s in German…

Why o why?
When are companies gona learn that my IP is not my language?
When are you gona stop forcing languages and give us a language prompt before the install starts?

You can change all the related settings (interface language, document language, locale) easily after installation.

=== Don’t read! ===
By the way: I’m backing your complaint. But going that way is surely forced uppon ‘The Document Foundation’ (which is not a company) by others (companies?) and by those abusers who are panting for breath catching up with every modernistic nonsense. Just read the discussion about ‘Ribbon Interface for LibreOffice’ on libreofficeforum.org.

You can change your language on the download page, also the language of the help system.

I sort of agre with your rage but you can change it in LO not so in MS products. Was once in Barcelona, Catalan and needed some help for MS photo Gallery. EVERYTHING UI, Help was in Catalan on US-English laptop.

You can change the Language in Menu/Tools/Options

Also you can download the inner help in English from All LibreOffice versions for all OS.

Did anyone notice and does it do him any good that the snapshot of the user face showing him how to change the German into English is in English? Shouldn’t it be in German? I have the same problem except mine is in Japanese. I wanted English. I have no idea how to change it. It is seriously frustrating. Like he said, my IP address is not my language. What do I do?

We know that problem since a long time now in our globalised but nationalist world concerning other (simpler) tools of everyday use. The interface once set to Hindi … No way back?

In this case you will at least know which option to work on from the order of options which is the same for any UI language. Playing a bit with it should lead to one of the many languages written in latin …

What would you suggest concerning this option? The dialogue cannot be presented in hundreds of languages