why is my printer making 16 pages per sheet? I want only 1 page per 1 sheet!!

’ Previously when I would print my LO document, I would get a NORMAL 1 page per 1 sheet of paper (8.5 x 11).
Suddenly I am receiving a tiny document on the upper right hand corner of the sheet – it covers about 1/16th of the sheet!! Under the “Page Layout” tab and under “Layout”, next to the “pages per sheet”, the “1” is selected and there is a larger “1” in a box to the right of it – so that setting seems correct. Where is the problem?

See what you can find in printer settings.

It may be in the installed print driver on your computer (reached from Settings near the device list in the Writer print dialog), or set directly on the printer (via front panel or installed/web-based app).

Those two should be in sync, but in my experience that is not always the case.

I don’t have any experience with this on Linux, and you did not specify the make/model of your printer, so I can’t provide more specific guidance.

I have Ubuntu 14.04

This is quite an old distribution, then what is your LO version?

Does it happen only on this document or on every one? If it happens only with the document, attach it to your question.

Provide additional information editing your question or writing a comment, don’t use an answer. A document can be attached to a question only (not possible with a comment).