Why is special paste unavailable

I’m trying to paste the contents of a spread sheet into a table using the special paste command, but the option is unavailable. Is there a setting to make it available? It is missing for old databases where I have used it before.


Not sure what you mean by ‘special paste’ and why you don’t just use ordinary paste? (which seems to work with some provisos). e.g. see HERE.

UPDATE: OK, I have found a post about “Paste Special…” HERE which works OK on my setup using LO What version of LO are you using? And are you pasting into a Firebird Embedded or an HSQL Embedded Base file? Anyway, try ordinary paste and see if that works - and report back.

Sorry I didn’t see this response before. Special paste just came back magically! I’m not sure what I did. I was at the start of a project and started over with a new database and there it was. It’s an HSQL Version:
Thanks for your response!

See comment above (revised).