Why is the kerning in Liberation Serif so poor?

I getting realy bad kerning in LibreOffice Writer, not only in text, but also with text in the UI. here’s an image representing the issues:

this is so messy that i’m currently using Abiword in replacement of Writer.
I don’t know if this is a bug or even if there’s anyone with the same problem
I’m using LO on Arch Linux

Please help me fix this.

Please try resetting user profile, sometimes solves strange issues.


Edit1 20140928

Take a look if some of the options in:

- Scaling
- Graphics output.

change anything.

Same effect.

This is possibly due to missing OpenType glyph positioning (GPOS) support. The related enhancement request is fdo#46055. As a workaround, try using a Graphite2-based font e.g., Linux Libertine G.