Why is the tmp location set locally for LibreOffice Portable

I am moving to an opensource document solution, either being libreoffice or openoffice. As LO is installed on ubuntu by default I wanted to give it a try on win10 with the new portable version from the usb stick.

But right after I checked the settings, I saw the path is set to a local folder, which is exactly what I want to prevent from happening, get files stored on the notebook for saftey reasons. I could chance the path, but what else might be coded sketchy, when such basic stuff is not set right.

This really bugs me. What do you think about this issue?

Lookint at link text
Libre office is the way to go, what else should I change in the configuration to make it completly portable by the means of not saving stuff on the hdd/ssd. It is the same with the openoffice installation, seems to be sth. with portableapps.com

I guess it is done so by default to avoid an intensive write on the usb sticks, they have a limited life for write.

This is a question better asked on the forums at portableapps.com.
However, the methodology that portable apps uses is to remove all traces of its “visit” to a host machine that can be removed as the program is exited. As you say, it is the tmp files that are being stored locally, not the output or other files. Look at the contents of the tmp directory after you exit all of the portable apps that you are running. It will probably be empty, in fact, the directory will probably not be there at all.

I can confirm that the temp folder created as a local folder is deleted when you exit the LO program.