Why is the V4.3 .deb file not one installable unit?

I tried, unsuccessfully, to upgrade my installation to 4.3, but was thwarted by the myriad .deb files I would have had to wrangle.

The file I received was a .tar.gz file that, when unpacked had more than 20 .deb files to install. I’m afraid that I don’t have time for that.

Is there a single .deb binary that I can use?

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In the unpacked .tar.gz there is also an Folder named ReadMes, what do you mean is in this Folder??

Yes -your right ! there is a File named Read_Me - what could be the sense of this file ??

All you have to do is to open a terminal window and go the the folder where you put the .deb files with cd folder/containing/the/files.

Then run: sudo dpkg -i *

It will install all files.