Why is there a delay between pressing the button and saving or closing a file?

I experience quite a disturbing delay (approx. 3 seconds) between pressing the Save or Close button and the actual process of saving or closing a file in LibreOffice.

In MS Office this happens instantly and the LibreOffice behaviour irritates me, which hinders me to roll out the suite in our company as the primary Office Suite.

Are there ways to make this delay minimal?

My specs:
MS Windows 7 Pro, 64bit
Intel Core i5-3320M


I still do experience this delay. I would love to make LibreOffice work fine for me… I do not have this problem with saving and closing LibreOffice files at home, just at my work notebook. :frowning:

I am using the same antivirus system at home and at work (MS Security Essentials), so there should not be any problems with it. I am also using the current version of LibreOffice. There are no excessive background processes running on my system. Could it be Java or something like that? Any ideas I can try to make this smooth?

I observe no delay at all: Libo 3.6.4 on XP SP3. Maybe someone with W7could make a test for s.schneider.

Just to update: I am using LibO right now and the problem persists.

I would love if this could be followed up and analyzed. Thanks!

Hi @s.schneider,

I wonder if the 2-3 second delay is impacted by less frequent auto-saving, or if MS-Office is keeping some helper process around to save files while the primary window closes “instantly”.

I observe this slowness only once a while (Win7 i7 64bit, LO3.6.4). Could not find the culprit on the breaks. When I had Norton 360 installed it was worse because constant background scanning.

@s.schneider: Can you check your machines for processes running in the back ground. Look at horst’ comment on Norton SW and back ground scanning.

I found a temporary workaround that improved the performance from 40 seconds to 1 second or less in my case, read more at Why the super slow saves in Calc? - #3 by Francewhoa