Why is typing "Quote" keyboard key types "»" or "«" or " or "„" characters instead?

Normal keypresses are not typing standard characters. Should I also report @Bugzilla or is their something in the software setting(s) mis-configured. And why does this occur on MY machine but on two different Unbuntu versions (16.04) and (16.01LTS), which each, are installed in separate HDD and partitions?

Check your settings under > ‘Tools’ > ‘AutoCorrect’ > ‘AutoCorrect Options…’ > ‘Localised Options’

“Default Setting Screenshot”

This is a view of that setting page direct from my Ubuntu 16.04LTS version software page. It seem to be the default setting and I have not changed any setting myself. I hope its correct to begin with and not a bug … I have a writing project taht I must complete as well …

If you want the straight quotes switch off the ‘Replace’ option. If you want a replacement, click into the little input fields. The ‘Insert Special Character’ dialogue will open, and you can select the character you want. The default setting may depend on the locale. (Current or at install time? I don’t know.)
Most common preferences depend on the region and …

Unchecking the “Replace” checkboxes did the trick thanks for your help @Lupp

Unchecking the checkboxes under “Single Quotes” and “Double Quotes” changed the behavior from what I described about to “Normally Typed Keyboard Characters”