Why isn't the file extension automatically added anymore?

Ive been able to save file normally up until a couple of weeks ago but now when I save a writer document file in any extension, (.doc, .odt…) it wont automatically add the extension to the filename.

As a result the file is not automatically recognized by the system and wont open on other peoples computers because their OS doesn’t recognize it.

I figured out a workaround by simply adding “.doc” to the end of the file name manually by renaming the file after its saved or typing it in manually when saving the file, but its an extra step I never had to do before. I’m not sure whats changed or how to solve it. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

Make sure the check box “Automatic file name extension” in the Save dialog is checked.

Ahaaa! Indeed that was the problem. As simple as it was, I overlooked that. In fact I never even noticed it before. I guess its usually checked by default but got unchecked somehow. Thank you!

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