Why libreoffice suggest to upgrade to 6.1.5 on windows xp

I am using Libreoffice on a windows XP machine (actually a virtualbox), when I open LibreOffice to edit a file, It tells me that there is an update available (6.1.5)
But I am pretty sure that version 6.1.5 is not available for windows xp. So I wonder if anyone can fix it so do not tell to update on windows xp machines newer than 5.4.7

Hi, For what it’s worth: XP is now a really, really old OS version. It was replaced first by Windows 7 10 years ago, then by Windows 8 and 10. “Extended support ended on April 8, 2014.” Also it has many known security holes. Vendors and software producers in general don’t support really old software. So you’re pretty much on your own with it, and so it’s what we call as-is. A great box to learn on I’ll bet, but pretty frustrating because it’s bugs are not fixable, nor even worth reporting anymore. I loved XP back in the day. You might be able to put a version of Linux on your box which would be a nice direction forward I think.

You can disable it in Menu/Tools/Options/Online update, and report the issue Feedback