Why my extension project has been removed from "extensions.libreoffice.org/admin/extensions"?

Two weeks ago I created a extension project in extensions.libreoffice.org/admin/extensions

The extension was published and I uploaded three updates that were published too.

A week ago, I discovered that my extension project was gone from my extension list in the extensions website. So, today I can’t upload more updates.

However, the extension itself continues in the web site and everybody can download it.

I have read that the same problem occurred to other extension developers a year ago, but they don’t post any solution.

Does anybody knows why my extension project disappeared from my extension project list in the extension website?

Thank you for your attention.

Under About » Extensions there’s a link to an Issue Tracker or write a mail to the hostmaster as given under the second link Using this site as an extension maintainer » Extensions in the Claiming maintainership of an existing extension section.

Here on this Ask site the problem can’t be solved except an admin is reading along by chance.

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