Why right-to-left/left-to-right icons on property deck?

On LibreOffice, in the paragraph panel of the properties deck, there appear the two symbols for left-to-write text and for right-to left text.

I can understand that it may be useful to have both symbols readily at hand sometimes, but it doesn’t seem like a high priority to have them in that location.

Is this the way it should look on Windows 10, or is there a glitch?

It is necessary, and helpful, when working in more than one language in a Paragraph or a document.

By default LibreOffice will have Western, Eastern, and Complex Text Languages (CTL) enabled on the Tools → Options → Language Settings → Languages tab.

If you uncheck the CTL entry, the LTR/RTL widgets will be suppressed on the Properties deck → Paragraph content panel.

Thank you for the explanation.

The need is understandable. The question is why, of all icons that could be in that location, these have priority.