Why tables are corrupted after user interface language change.

When I change user interface language, all tables changes from

to .

Document was originally created in German GUI language, then it was opened in Polish GUI where tables was created. Then document opened in English GUI has corrupted all tables created in Polish. How on Earth it is possible to corrupt document by changing only GUI language!

EDIT: Some answers to comments:

File type is ODT.
Version is (x64) / LibreOffice Community
The GUI language is the only difference and screenshots was taken only after language change on same operating system.

(inline image display fixed by ajlittoz)

all tables changes to this.

… and indeed this describes how they were intended to look… Anyway, even having another screenshot would not allow others to examine the document itself - so a real file is the best option.

Ok sorry I will post it right away. EDIT: I cannot post the original document. If there is no one faced similar issue, I will try to produce one from scratch

Immediate questions arise:

  1. Which was the file type?
  2. Which version of LO was used to create it?
  3. Is the UI language the only difference? I.e., was the file opened on the same system, after simply changing the language; or was that a different system/user account, with a different profile settings, and/or OS/LO version?
  4. Did you actually test that the file indeed looked the same in the same UI language (Polish) (on the same system where the file was authored)?

And please do try to repro from scratch (or sanitize your existing document). It looks very strange; and I don’t remember seeing similar problems - it worth own bug report if that turns out to be a problem with current versions.

I added answers to post. Thank you for pointing these things out.

Though the images bring little information (even View>Formatting Marks is not enabled), table width is not the same, which means page margins are not the same. There is no indication about the paragraph style used in the cells. But it looks like paragraph indents have been modified.

This smells like you used direct formatting all over your document and that the UI change retrieved some default value(s) from the system which messed everything up. Also, under direct formatting hypothesis, any change to Default Paragraph Formatting is liable to have such consequences.

I will try to reproduce it on new document when I will find some time. Thank you.