Why text can not be rotated 180 degrees?

In writer you can rotate the text 90 and 270 degrees, but not 180. Why this limitation? I have missed this possibility a couple of times. It seems very easy to solve.

Feature requests are off-topic for this site.

Hello @RayoGlauco,

Rotation in the normal text-flow in Writer is indeed limited to 0 degrees, 90 degrees, or 270 degrees.

But you could still rotate your text in any number of degrees,

by using a Textbox anchored As Character.

HTH, lib

Thanks. Good solution, except when mail merging, because you cannot put a field inside a textbox. Anyway, this is already reported as a bug/request: Bug48804

Hi. I find unkind your negative score to a newcomer. If it is not appropriate to make feature requests here, I suggest removing the feature-request tag, because I arrived here by a Google search on “libreoffice feature request”.
On the other hand, I’m designing labels with mail merge, and I need text rotated 180 degrees, but I can not put fields inside a textbox. After more searching, I found a similar feature request made years ago in the correct place: Bug90294

Well, you could consider adding yourself to CC list of the RFE. The CC count is a rough estimation of an issue relevancy.

Ok, thanks. I will take a look.

I suggest removing the feature-request tag. That’s not as easy as one might think, because tags are created on-the-fly for this site. There is no master tag list.

I find unkind your negative score to a newcomer. Well, there are only a few official rules for this site, and that is one of them. How else should I respond? However, I have removed my downvote since you edited the question to no longer mention a feature request.

Also, you posted this as an answer, when most of it should be added as a comment instead. Answers should be answers only. See guidelines for asking.

It seems clear that I did not understand correctly the nature of this website, and that I should have read Ask / Getting Started before asking my question. Thank you all.