Why the Statistics tab has accessibility shortcuts for non-pressable fields?

File → Properties → Statistics has has keyboard shortcuts which are usually used for buttons. For example in Writer’s Statistics tab there is Number of Tables.
Are they used by blind users with the help of text-to-speech software, where the shortcuts are used to read fields?

It might be a simple overlooking; or a remnants of times when the fields were selectable (to allow copy data from them) - if such a thing had ever been; or it could be that those text strings are also used somewhere, where the accelerator keys make sense… you could file an enhancement request, it’s a trivial change.

Filed a bug: fdo#137748.

These are the control labels’ mnemonic characters, that become underlined when you press the ALT/Option key.

Normally when you press ALT + the mnemonic character defined in a control label, it causes the Focus to move to the associated control.

In this case the associated controls are non-editable ( read only ), so the focus is not moved.

You can check this for example if you press ALT+K in the tab “Description” of the same File Properties dialog. The focus should then move to the Editfield associated with the “Keywords” Label.

To designate a mnemonic character inside a control Label, just put a tilde “~” directly before that character.

HTH, lib