Why there are always problems with math equations?

I am using Libre Office from its early days and I think that it is a good app. Yet it could be a great app if there were less small but very irritating problems. One of this problems is constantly clunky math expressions. It works. It generates equations. But every time one of the math elements is behaving tragically. It only changes which one gets the hit every update.

It was not so tragic before, as many times this problem affected less used elements or at least the problem was more or less symetrical (as for cdot instead of it alone one had to write 'cdot' for it to look good and not merged with whatever was in front of it). Now the problem hit - and it is not symetrical. The - sign written normally in math expression gets stuck at the bottom, close to the character in front. It seams that the sign itself lacks space in its down and left side and because of that it can not be corrected by either '- or '-' combinations as it will still be at the bottom looking more like an underscore _.

The problem can be somehow solved by writing minus sign as a text character "-", but this ruins equations when they are opened on other computers with MS Office.
I will attach a simple equation 5-6=5"-"6; 5+6=5"+"6 to show the difference between bad - and good + interpretation.
Attachment: https://i.imgsafe.org/f890482060.png

I hope somebody will eventually fix this…

Light Code.

System info: Windows 10 Pro x86. Legal and fully updated.

Libre Office version:

You might be hit by this bug https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=103038