Why there are no options like in MS Word to disable drag&drop and "typing replaces selected text"?

I make mistakes and many others too. Accidentally and maybe sometimes unrecognized.
To show the wishes, only for example

Here you can read in detail about the problem, if you want. Unfortunately it’s only in German language:

I think, there are much more users with this “problems”. Formerly also there was a bug report for OpenOffice enhancement, I believe, but I cannot find it any more. But: nothing changed in OpenOffice.
OK, I know, there are many people outside there who are perfect :wink: They need no options like this.
But MS keeps this options in MS Office since Office 2000 (or older versions, I don’t know and made no research because year 2000 back is long enough).
And here is another software with one of this options,

For me and many others this option is so important, that they stay at MS Office or always thinking to return.

I cannot believe that this options are so difficulty to implement in LibreOffice. Why leave this advantage to MS?
And last but not least: In Firefox, for example, you have extensions for nearly every purposes … Would be nice :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

OP: @tinotester

“typing replaces selected text”, is not what [Insert] key does?

I find it odd that Microsoft allows one to turn off Drag and Drop in Word & Excel but OO does not. What’s worse is the bizarre responses attempts to get answers about it generate from OO forum users and the like.

Drag and drop text has to be one of the dumbest “innovations” known to mankind! I also wish there were a way to get rid of it!

Fully agree with you: these injections of unexpected, random events with catastrophic consequences are an invention of the Devil, for sure.