Why there is no dictionary and thesaurus in libre office Writer

Hi! I am having huge problems with automatic spell checking, dictionaries and thesaurus. I have dictionaries installed from the get go (English uk) and there is no correction or hints whatsoever from the Writer. I can’t use thesaurus (grayed out) and when I want to do spell checking it shows me error “no dictionaries”.
I reinstalled the whole Libre Office which fixed some issues but not this one.

Now instead of using the tool I have to fight with it :confused:
Thanks for help in advance

I am running Manjaro 19.0.2

Which LibreOffice packages do you use, distributions specific packages from Manjaro repositories or native packages from The Document Foundation (TDF; libreoffice.org)?

I did not change or installed anything extra. This is out-of-the-box. I am normally using Apple Pages where I have everything ready. Here not so much. Not really sure where I should find what packages I am using. That is installation from the Manjaro pacman repo.

I see - this question should be addressed to Manjaro packagers or a Manjaro forum. TDF doesn’t provide .tgz packages used by Arch and its derivatives (and in that sense my 1st comment/question has been nonsense).

Thank you for answer :slight_smile: Have a good one! :slight_smile:

No need to worry about software packages. Find and install a suitable spellcheck extension.

And read this tutorial.