Why there is still no full screen in LibreOffice Draw?

I found several threads containing “complaints” that LibreOffice Draw had no fullscreen function (those were from releases ages ago)… but still on Version:, there’s still no fullscreen on Draw. There’s a feature request reported way back June 2012 and up until now, it’s still on NEW status.

I’m curious why this is not treated by LibreOffice as an important feature. I know there’s Impress and all but Draw is very much the same as Impress and more importantly almost ALL counterparts of LibreOffice Draw has this feature.

There are no “universally important features” in open-source community-driven LO. There are features important to some developers, or to someone who sponsors them. Anyone (you too) may contribute. Anyone going to invest into this, however, should remember that there are UX guidelines to be considered, which are mentioned in the issue.

That’s complete nonsense. Every single developer needs full screen and every single program has it, except Draw. This is one of those things that makes you wonder if they are deliberately trying to make a bad product.

Every single developer needs full screen