Why to Close a topic and how to post reply to such Closed topic?

In this forum I find some old topic are “closed”
There might be cases where some new update / solution is available which is worth of a mention in old topic.
But as replying to such closed topics is disabled, forum discussions may miss the relevant updates.

Secondly I question the philosophy of “Closing” a topic. Irrespective of if question is solved or not there is no sense in disabling further discussion on ANY topic … Aka “Closing” the topic (that too under name of project which is having principles of Open Source )

E.g. there is a old topic

I have some update regarding solution of it. But I cannot mention it. I think the rules should be updated and everything should be open about ask.libreoffice regarding replying to any topic any time by anybody

Note - In OpenOffice forum no such restriction and Closer of topic is done. Many libreoffice users are more active and vibrant on OpenOffice forum and actually get more relevant help on OpenOffice forum than ask.libreoffice.

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Most closed topics were imported from the old Ask site where they were closed using the different software. Usually we don’t close anymore unless it’s for duplicates (well, some people might do nevertheless, but…). For the specific topic you linked I reopened that just now.