Why two equal signs in formula ==DEC2HEX(L3,4)?

If I try to remove one of the equal signs it is added back on pressing enter. It seems to work ok, but I’ve never seen this before and I don’t know what it means.

See my answer, however, I can’t reproduce the behaviour of when one equal sign is removed it appears again.
Which LibreOffice version and OS anyway?

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Cell formulas starting with two equal signs are treated volatile and recalculated on each change of spreadsheet content. Which in this case makes absolutely no sense. The functionality is meant to trigger user provided functions that do not (only) depend on a cell or range.

Trying, I “discovered” that if you have a cell range beggining with “==” and try to change a middle cell to “=” it is no posible.

Also, if you have cell range beggining with “=” and try to change a middle cell to “==” it is no posible.

Need to test a bit more. If you select at least two cells in a range of four, or the three central or four in a five cell range (I don’t tested all the progression) and change accepting with Alt+Enter all cells in the range changes.

New things to learn every day. With me LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

just to add some confusion to the confusion …

two ‘==’-formula cells are coupled, ‘entangled’ (quantum physics), if they are one below the other, and referencing cells in the same columns … in that case the top cell is the leader, and cells below change with it, intentional?

That may be because in a subsequent column block of identical formulas it is a shared formula and sharing criteria is based on the expression and does not take the extra forced flag (the ==) into account.

would be right to change that to restore the same editability to ‘==’-formulas as to ‘=’? edits to other shared formulas are accepted …

sorry, late eval, @LeroyG is right, ‘=’-formulas are blocked too, imho wrong behaviour, if a user wants to change something it’s his decision, proposals for ‘other ideas’ are ok, but not blocking without notice …