Why Unity Integration is not working in Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10?

What you mean by “Unity Integration” in LibreOffice 4.0.0? Global menu still does not work without menubar extension.

Is there anything new when you right-click on libreoffice icon on unity bar when LibO is running?

I don’t remember what was in LibO 3.5.4, but now there is one new shortcut in every LibO icon: New Document, New Spreadsheet, New Presentation. They try to run ‘libreoffice – %U’, but there is no libreoffice, there should be ‘libreoffice4.0 – %U’!

Looks like a dupe of: Unity integration in LibreOffice 4.0 doesn't work

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It’s is not a dupe. I’m asking WHY Unity Integrations isn’t working! According to http://www.libreoffice.org/download/4-0-new-features-and-fixes/ “Unity Integration” IS already provided.

@wrzomar, The title of the other question is “unity integration in libreoffice 4.0 doesn’t work”. Normalized to question form for the Ask site, that is “Why doesn’t unity integration in libreoffice 4.0 work?”, which I think is pretty close to your question.

That is to say you do not know answer on these questions. Therefore is this only marketing grasp?


  1. Yes, I don’t know why this feature is broken.
  2. I would edit the 4.0 Release Notes page to strikeout/comment on this feature, but I don’t have edit rights.
  3. If you want to help, please file a bug about this and link to it from the other question.

LibO on screenshots in 4.0’s features and fixes doesn’t look like 4.0.0 from The Document Foundation. It’s unknown version of LibO from ubuntu repository on unknown version of ubuntu. If this 4.0’s feature is working on some ubuntu, maybe it only needs some libraries from that ubuntu.

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Okay, I’ve dug up info for you.

There are only a couple of specific configurations of Ubuntu version + LO version that provide unity menu integration. You’ll need to get the LO builds from the ubuntu repositories for this to work (LO-provided builds don’t contain the right stuff).

  • Ubuntu 12.10 + LO 3.6
  • Ubuntu 13.04 + LO 4.0 (will be released in April, but you can test it now)

For more information (including why unity menu integration isn’t working in ubuntu 12.04), please see fdo#61461 - Ubuntu Unity menu integration advertised in 4.0 release notes, but not present in official builds

@qubit1, God bless you.

Björn Michaelsen said:

LibreOffice 4.0 has unity integration, but it needs to be build on a current system to take advantage of that. TDF builds don’t do that, as they are required to run even on very old releases.

How about add somewhere in Options Libreoffice - View an option to turn on/off global menu? It would be turned off by default. LO will run on old releases and use the newest features of more recent ones if possible. Is this possible in future TDF releases?
Google Chrome has global menu and runs on older systems. Firefox has global menu extension so it could be turned on or off. There is more free space on a screen when menu isn’t inside window. Ubuntu 12.04 is getting older and older and… older. :wink:

@wrzomar, Thanks for the kind words.

For now, you have a choice: Choose an integrated LO build shipped by Ubuntu (that might be a bit older), or choose a newer LO build shipped by LO (but w/less integration). PPAs might be a good compromise, but no word on when/if 12.04 will get LO4.0 w/unity menus

Third option is to compile LO 4.0 from source. Hmm… tempting :wink: For now I choose LibO 4.0.0 + menubar 0.1.1 (is still working but is buggy too).

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