Why won't Regular Expression stay on?

There is something seriously wrong with the search and replace facility in v. Every time I start a search or a S&R, I have to turn “regular expression” back on, or it doesn’t work. If some people like me want it always on, and others want it always off, why not offer a choice? You should also let people choose whether to leave Other Options on or off. As it stands, one has to hit it every time in order to turn regular expressions on.

I am using the latest Writer under AMD 64-bit Linux Mint 17 on a PC.

Please edit the question to indicate whether you are using the Mint-supplied (Ubuntu package) or website version of LO? Re-packaged versions often contain problems introduced by the distribution that the website version does not. I have never had a problem with this particular option staying set, but I always use the website version of LO.

I use the Mint-supplied version of LO. I have installed only Calc and Writer.


Have a look at Alternate Search and replace for writer

It provides also recording some Routines and store and executing as Batch.