Why wont the background color from powerpoint display properly?

I am trying to convert a bunch of MS Powerpoint files from ppt to PDF files. However, I am finding that a lot of files are not being rendered correctly. At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong since I was doing the conversion headless. I opened the same files in Impress and I see that they are still not rendering properly. Since this needs to be an automated process, I cannot open files and modify them.

Below is a link to a sample PPT that renders properly in Powerpoint and Keynote, but does not work correctly in Impress.


Can anyone please help identify how to get this rendered properly, and ideally how to make this work converting the file in headless mode.

I am running LibreOffice 420m0(Build:2) on Ubuntu 14.04 and have also tried Version: on Moc Mavericks.


I am afraid that you need to first fix the problem in odp-file and then convert to pdf.
Save your ppt file as odp file > correct the all what appears not as correct > export to pdf

The reason behind this problem is that MS PowerPoint does not support the ODF standard fully. Thus especially between Impress and PowerPoint conversion errors appear.

Thanks for the initial response, but as I mentioned this needs to be an automated process to convert to PDFs - these will not even be my files. Do you, or does anyone else know of a way to programmatically fix this so the files render properly?

I see online conversion utilities that can render this properly. I am only assuming they are using something like libreoffice to convert, but is there a another tool that may be better suited to convert PPT to PDF (or JPG)?

Thanks again,


I am running LibreOffice , this problem is still there. Any solution?