Why won't Writer open my RTF file?

Hello there.
I Have a problem trying to open a file in rtf format. This does not happen using Office Word or OpenOffice Writer.
The file was created by my own program, based on select some records from a table and then save the selection into a rtf file.
This file contains an index with bookmarks to the data from record extended in other page.
When I open this file with OpenOffice Writer or Word, I can see the full content. But with LibreOffice Writer I can only see the index, not the rest.
I think that I have to correct the program that generates the file in some way. Can you help me?

I try to attach an example, but I can´t because of my karma.

Thanks in advance.

Luis Carro.

Please upload it to some file sharing site (e.g. sharesend)

Which LO version are you using?

Hi @Cacho,

As Pedro notes above, please upload your file so we can help you. If you file a bug about this problem, you’ll be able to upload your file at that site.

If you do file a bug, please post a link to it in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.