Why would it take so long when switching to web layout in Writer?

It takes so long (probably a minute) when switching to web layout in the *.doc files I have.

Is this normal? Might it be caused by something in the *.doc files?

p.s. I am using LibreOffice on Mac.


I tried the following:

  1. Copy some plain text from a *.txt file to make a new Writer document of 20 pages long.
  2. Switch to web layout. It takes at least tens of seconds to complete.

So I think the question should be: Is it normal to take so long?

If it is, is there any other way faster to get me a layout like the “Normal View” in Microsoft Word?

Can be trying to update some link?

How long is the document? Recalculating text to correct number of lines takes some time as well.

@mariosv The files contain 0 - 2 hyperlinks.

@mahfiaz They are about 20 pages long. Is it generally long enough to take a minute to render the web layout?

No, I just tried with 50 page long document, it switched close to instantly. Something must be fishy. (