Why Writer don't remember the toolbars I've opened?

It’s queer, if I open new toolbars in Writer, as the tables toolbar, it is shown… but when I close writer and I open it again, Writer don’t remember the toolbar and I am forced again to go thru the menus to show the tables toolbar…
Could it be possible writer remember this?

So what you are telling me is that is not possible to make certain toolbars always be shown, right? I cannot force that, because some toolbars only and only opens when they need to and not because the user force’em?

Yes—maybe there’s a trick for the "context-toolbar Table". Nevertheless, you can make it visible (if required) via View → Toolbars → Table.

“Some toolbars open automatically depending on the context. For example, when you click inside a table in a text document, the Table toolbar opens. When you click inside a numbered paragraph, the Bullets and Numbering toolbar opens.”

Using Toolbars

Yes, but what about if I want always the Tables Toolbar be shown? May I do that?