Will 5.0.3 install over PortableApps version in the PA Folder?

I have PortableApps, latest windows version, installed & would like to know if this install will replace the copy in the LO folder now in the PortableApps folder?

The whole idea behind PortableApps is to use them in computers were the app is not installed. Mixing non PortableApps app installation and PortableApps app installation is a very bad idea. Better first follow PortableApps instructions to remove LO from installed PortableApps. Also most of the time you can safely upgrade the PortableApps app.

PortableApps does not connect app with installed apps.

If you select for v.5.0.3 as destination folder the folder in PortableApps you will somehow destroy the PortableApps app.

If you install it in any other directory you will confuse both installations. How your software will react depends on how you install the new version, how you start LO and how you open LO Documents. Example: double clicking on a LO Document probably will now open 5.0.3 version (unless you have meshed other things also…)

I am using a recent installed version of LibO (x64) on Win, sometimes a dev version installed in parallel, and (for bug-tracking) at least a dozen PortableApps versions of LibO and AOO as well on the same computer without any conflicts. The majority of the PortableApps versions is expanded to subtrees of a dedicated folder on my HD. A few are placed on a USB-stick and integrated by the PortableApps platform.
(The PortableApps launcher also allows for running more than one version at a time.)

All the PortableApps versions are Win-32. Currently (2018-06-07) the latest version of PortableApps LibO is
Any version istalling to the system does not conflict with an unpacked PortableApps version as long as no file types were associated with the portable version. If there were made associations they will (by default) be overwritten.

as long as means definitely there are conflicts. Please note that not all users (especially those asking such questions) are familiar with what experienced users are. Not all installations share the same options (template folders as an example, java used is another) which may confuse some users. And, of course, parallel usage of different version leads to different saved formats.

A portable version of LibO extracted the default way from a .paf file supplied by portableapps.com has its own user profile and everything. By default it is not associated with any file type. Ther are no conflicts in fact, though there may be wrong expectations in a user’s mind. Anyway an ordinary install from an .msi will never go to a “PA-folder” if not a very strange choice was made concerning that folder.

@Lupp You are missing the concept of conflicts. First, the installation of LO can be done anywhere (including the PA-folder); we are not present the moment user does the installation. Second, for an inexperienced user, opening the same file and having different behavior is conflict.