Will a fullscreen option native to the Mac OS X be developed?

I love using the fullscreen option for many programs on the Mac OS X, so that I can swipe back and forth between them. Are you considering developing a fullscreen option native to the Mac OS X? It’s the green button on windows at the top left corner that you can press to get a full screen in many programs native to the Mac and ones that are developed by other developers (e.g. Google for Chrome; Opera; etc.)

Pretty Please!


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Yes I agree, it would be very convenient. It makes it difficult to use LibreOffice on my macbook air which only has an 11" screen.


I also desire this functionality. Frankly, I am shocked it is not one of the first considerations. It is very helpful for many reasons to have a full page functionality. I love LibreOffice… please, developers, consider adding this! It is the only app on my Mac I cannot do this with!

After extensively exploring various MS-Office alternatives, I’ve found LibreOffice to be the most ideal choice, especially given its support for Visio. It would be great if native fullscreen functionality could be implemented as an option.

An enhancement request tdf#128186 has been submitted for this feature. You may wish to log in to Bugzilla and add yourself to the cc list to indicate your interest.

I have seen this request couple of years and I would say that using native full-screen is not a priority for the team. :frowning:

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I understand. I still use Open Office because I love the native full screen. It helps my work flow. And I long for the functionality that Libre Office offers.

Thanks for considering.

It’s a shame