Will LibreOffice Impress macros run on Microsoft PowerPoint?

Hello, I’ve been assigned a homework task to spice up a class PowerPoint presentation, however it was created in Microsoft PowerPoint at school. Because I’m a Linux user, I’m unable to run Microsoft PowerPoint on my computer and I use LibreOffice as my daily driver.

I intend on using macros in the presentation to automate tasks like button press events, however I’m aware that Microsoft Office uses the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) language which is different to the language used for LibreOffice macros.

Will there be any sort of compatibility issues when my teacher opens my ODP presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint with LibreOffice macros?

When you get an assignment like this for school, you have t consider what the real purpose of the assignment is. It’s more than likely that you have to show that you can work with PowerPoint at a certain level. Ask your teacher.