Will LibreOffice open Lotus 123 spreadsheet files?

Lotus won’t run on Windows 8.1 or higher.

When you go to open a document LO has many filters to be able to open foreign formats. They are within the ‘All files’ drop-down.

I’ve spotted Lotus WordPro + Lotus 1-2-3. Unfortunately, I cannot spot any method to export the available filters.

If you still have the program on a compatible computer, then export text files as RTF, and spreadsheet/dbase files as CSV. They are universal, and can be pulled into anything.

You did not specify the names nor type of those files, so that’s the best that I can offer.

Update 2015-10-11:

Yes it will. Details are here:-

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LO can import .wks and .wk1 files (DOS version of Lotus) very good. The newest .123 files import is not very good. You will loose a lot of formating features.

If you still have running SmarteSuite on a computer export your spreadsheets as the newest Excel version. This .xls file is very good recognized by LO.

The Devs were working at .wk2, .wk3 format but I did not test them.