Will LO work with Mac OSX Yosemite soon?

I am using Base for reports and charts on my mac. Since Yosemite upgrade LO will not start, asking for an older version of Java, but that doesn’t seem to work.
Installed version of LO is 4.3.4 MacOS x86 64bit

You need to install Apple Java for MacOSX as indicated in this question.

Do I install Apple Java before I install LO, or after? (I’m new to MACs).

Personally I install java first, but I’m not sure it matters. You can check whether LO recognises the java installation under LO → Preferences → LibreOffice → Advanced. If java is still not found, perhaps re-install LO after installing Apple java.

Never give an answer like this when just asking a question. Almost parallelable with thread hijacking.

The answer referring to Java for MacOS did not help - could not find a good answer there.
Tried LO 4.4.0 beta1 too, to no avail.
Am likely to move to another office suite. Sadly.238